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Sometimes we need to transform Doc files into image format, to use various text fragments, formulas, diagrams in presentations or portfolios. JPEG is the most common image format, optimal in size and quality for presenting visual information in the web and various applications. There is no standard feature of converting Doc to Jpeg in Microsoft Word, and for most of users it is a real problem. If you are looking for fast and convenient way to convert documents into images, you should try Total Doc Converter. It is a proven leader in Doc converter category due to its functionality, easy-to-use features and quick operation.

Total Doc Converter is an all-purpose software capable of converting Doc files into wide range of text and graphic formats. It requires 3 simple steps:

  1. When you first time open the program, you will see its clear and laconic interface with formats panel at the top and file manager below it.
  2. To convert Doc into Jpeg you should only select required source file, click on “JPEG” button
  3. Then click “Start!” button. In this case you will get Jpeg version of your documents created with default settings.

doc converter

As an alternative way, you can adjust settings by your own choice through settings menu. Here you can set destination of future Jpeg file, paper size and orientation, font style and size. After setup is complete, just click on 'Start!' button. You can receive a per-page transformation - a separate Jpeg file for each page, or convert the whole document into one image file.

Also, you can convert Doc to JPEG by command line

As you see, the process of creating Jpeg version is quite simple and even a child can manage with this, if to have Total Doc Converter. It is the best choice for those who don't have much time on converting job. You can try the program by yourself – trial version is available on the website. Here also you can purchase a license to use the full-version program.

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Buy Total Doc Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Tue, 05 Oct 2021

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