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Doc files contain text information together with formatting. And this file type is not suitable for using text in the web or various programming tools. Nevertheless there is a wide variety of resources stored in files with .doc extension. If you need to extract simply the text with no formatting, you should convert Doc to Text file type using special software. This software is called Total Doc Converter.

This doc converter performs transformation into Text very fast. The program features several unique option to help achieve best results:

  1. You can convert either one doc file or any number of them; doc converter will keep folder structure.
  2. You can convert every page of the Doc file into a separate text file.
  3. You can justify text by width in the output text file if you like.
The program window is very simple, contains formats menu bar with all supported file types for conversion, file manager with all doc files filtered and the preview window. To transform Doc into Text you need to select needed doc original file and click on “Text” in formats bar. Then go through the options list with destination and paper orientation settings and press on “Start!” to make the conversion.

What is really convenient, Total Doc Converter allows managing with converting tasks through the command line. Command line is included into Total Doc Converter and is not charged separately.

Usual doc converters are rather complicated in use for average users or have limited functionality. Total Doc Converter allows enjoying the full set of features even in trial version, so you can check the workability of all functions before the purchase. It is a right choice for both professional and home needs, and it is a program of ‘must have' list that can simplify working with different formats and display information in the file type you need. If you need to deal with various Doc transformations and have no much time on this, buy Total Doc Converter that will do the job, saving your time.

doc converter

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Buy Total Doc Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Sat, 22 Jan 2022
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