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Microsoft Office 2007 or higher saves documents in a new Open Office XML format that can't be read or edited by older versions of software or on other platforms instead Windows. If you need a fast solution of how to make DocX files viewable in any text editor, convert DocX to RTF with the help of Total Doc Converter. RTF is an open cross-platform text format, it is universal for all platforms and text applications. RTF is bigger in size than DocX, and if the document contains images, the converted copies will require up to ten times more memory space. If DocX originals contain only the plain text, their RTF copies will be only three times bigger than originals.

Total Doc Converter contains an integrated DocX RTF Converter that performs conversion in batch or single modes. Regardless of the number of source files, the conversion process is the same and includes:

  1. Defining sources by checking them off in the file list. The in-built viewer will help to choose the required ones from the whole scope of DocX files stored in your memory folders.
  2. Selecting the target format. In case of converting files to RTF this must be RTF. Other available formats include TXT, PDF, DOC, JPEG, TIFF, etc.
  3. Making settings. DocX converter offers to define a destination for converted files, font type and size. Also there are options to delete originals after conversion is completed and to open the destination folder with RTF copies.
  4. Start conversion. The button of the same name serves for enabling the conversion process.

docx converter

Also, you can convert DocX to RTF by command line.

When Total Doc Converter is installed on your PC, a convert to option appears in the file context menu. With its help you can easily convert single DocX file to RTF without even launching Total Doc Converter. Useful feature for those who have no time for extra clicks! To try it by yourself, download trial or licensed Total Doc Converter on your PC right now.

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   Updated Wed, 08 Dec 2021
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