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When it is necessary to turn Microsoft Word 2007 document into image, use Total Doc Converter. It can process both Doc and DocX source files, so it is suitable for any version of MS Office. If you require lossless quality and don't need to save on memory space, use DocX to TIFF conversion. TIFF is a graphic format supported by lots of viewers and editors, so there will be no problems with processing such images. The only shortcoming is a big file size compared with other formats like JPEG or PNG that is why TIFF format is regarded as unsuitable for sharing online or mailing.

However Total Doc Converter offers a range of compression modes to cut the file size. It includes:

  • G4Fax
  • LZW
  • JPeg
  • Pack Bits
  • Zip

    You can also use DocX TIFF converter leaving files uncompressed, i.e. receiving lossless image quality. To do this you just need to check off ‘None' item in compression type list. Total Doc Converter can process more than one source file at a time, offering two variants of conversion:

    1. Convert all DocX originals into one single TIFF file. In this case all checked sources will be combined into one TIFF file.
    2. Convert each DocX original into separate TIFF file. As a result you will get as many TIFF files, as many DocX originals were checked off. The names of TIFF files will be the same as source files' are.

    docx converter

    You can also divide source file into pages of predefined format. Each page will be saved in separate TIFF file. This DocX converter even offers an adjustable font type and size to make the appearance of the text more suitable for viewing. Download Total Doc Converter right now and check all the features of DocX TIFF conversion for free!

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