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DocX to text converter

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If you simply need to extract text information from DocX file, the best solution is to convert DocX to TXT using Total Doc Converter. You will get plain text copies of your DocX sources without any formatting or other extras. Additionally such conversion makes DocX files suitable for viewing and editing on any software, as TXT is widely supported by most of them.

DocX TXT converter is very easy to use, it offers a range of options that will help to convert documents in the fastest possible way. Use it once for all required source files or convert each file separately at your own choice.

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Total Doc Converter provides the next facilities for converting DocX to text files:

  1. Any number of sources for one conversion: when a few files are selected as sources, you make the same conversion settings for all of them.
  2. Ability to view source files directly in the program: sometimes it is difficult to select necessary originals from the files scope stored in a folder. The in-built viewer avoids the confusion with files when checking of the sources.
  3. Three ways to convert files: DocX converter can be enabled as a separate application, from the command line or file context menu. You can use it in any way that suits you best.
  4. Ability to convert every page of DocX original to a separate TXT file (if needed);
  5. Ability to process the whole folder of DocX originals in one conversion cycle. If the folder has subfolders, their structure will be saved. This means you will get the same folder of TXT files of the same names, located in same subfolders as originals.

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Converting DocX files to TXT allows creating a compact storage of old documents. It is excellent for file sharing, as you can be sure that recipient will be able to view it. Download Total Doc Converter to correct the shortcomings of DocX format by exporting it to TXT.

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   Updated Fri, 12 Nov 2021
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