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  EML files usually contain lots of useful information that is impossible to view through any other application except the email client. If you need to extract this data from emails for using like simple text, it will be helpful to convert EML to TXT file. TXT is the most space saving format thanks to absence of formatting tags, so it is ideal for storing big volumes of data. Also it is readable by all text editors and office applications that will make your EML files far more compatible with different software. Fast and adjustable conversion became available with the use of Total Mail Converter. This number one user choice is able to create text, graphic or web-optimized email copies within a few short actions.
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How to Convert Email to TXT?

Converting EML to TXT is very similar to any other conversion process. Selecting EML source files, choosing “TXT” as a conversion format and performing a few simple settings through the options wizard are very fast and simple operations accessible for any user. But email export has a few peculiarities that are worse your attention.
  1. Using Template settings wizard inlay you can set the name of the future TXT copy of your email. As a name you can select the content of various email fields like [name], [sender], [subject], etc.
  2. You can select manually which fields' content to include into converted files via ‘Fields' inlay.
  3. Attachments can be simply ignored or unpacked into separate folders. If images were attached to the email, they can be inserted into TXT mail copy, as well as if it was an attached text or another message. All this is set in ‘Attachments' inlay.
Having functional email converter allows to get the result fully correspond to your purposes. Total Mail Converter offers flexible conversion process with default or manual settings and unlimited number of source files for one conversion. In order to buy Total Mail Converter use the links below.

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