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How To Convert FLV Video To AVI

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FLV (Flash Video) is a streaming video format used for watching videos over the Internet on various online services like YouTube, Google Video, etc. The movies of this format can be watched via Adobe Flash Player 6 or higher.

While FLV format is rather convenient for online playback, as Flash Player is in-built into the most of web browsers, it is not appropriate format for local playback. If you want to watch FLV movie on laptop or some mobile device, you need additional software that supports FLV. This problem can be solved simply by converting FLV video to another, more universal format, like AVI. AVI is supported by most of devices by default, so it is an ideal choice. To do this you need video converter capable to convert FLV to AVI.

flv avi converterWith the help of Total Movie Converter you can easily turn FLV into AVI within a few seconds. Easy and fast conversion process starts by selecting FLV file you want to convert and clicking on “AVI” button on the top of the window. FLV converter wizard allows selecting one of few codecs for conversion, including MPEG 4, H.264, MPEG 2, MPEG 1 and XviD. The choice of codec depends on where you are planning to use the future AVI file. If you want to watch it via DVD player, select XviD codec – it is supported by DVD players and provides high quality of video.

Also here you can select rotation mode, the quality and size of AVI variant or even select a part of FLV video you want to convert into AVI. The “Audio” inlay allows to set audio options like codec type, volume level and samplerate. Total Movie Converter has an alternative way of FLV conversion. If you don't want to go through all the options for the future AVI version, you can use options by default – just click on “Start!” button.

Total Movie Converter is a great choice for those who need to convert FLV files into any of known video formats. Try it and get sure that functionality can be simple and fast!

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   Updated Thu, 14 May 2020

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