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Convert ArcInfo ASCII Grid (GRD) To TIFF

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grd to tiff converterArcInfo ASCII Grid (GRD) files are widely used for exporting or exchanging geographic data. Its structure has a form of grid, each cell of which has its own x and y coordinates and values. It can display the map surface, for instance. To read GRD files you need ArcInfo application, otherwise data encoded in ASCII Grid becomes unreadable, as it is not supported by common image or text viewers. However using Total GIS Converter you are able to convert GRD to TIFF or other image format. This feature makes GRD files far more suitable for image editing, printing or using out of ArcInfo application.

Total GIS Converter offers to convert GIS files into more flexible image formats like TIFF, JPG, DMP or PNG. As a source files, the program supports various GIS formats, including:

  • AEP
  • GRD
  • E00
  • FLT
  • ADF
  • APR
  • In such a way data encoded in ASCII grid canít be modified, but GRD file becomes available for viewing and unlimited sharing as a simple image.

    Working with GIS TIFF converter you will be offered to convert the whole GRD file into one TIFF image located in the place, you specify in options window. Otherwise you can select a specific grid region for conversion thanks to the in-built file viewer and convert it into TIFF. Also you can divide GRD file into parts, setting scale and number of horizontal fragments. The number of vertical parts will be defined automatically.

    Total GIS Converter is equipped with simple and clear user interface. It doesnít require from user any special skills or much time for understanding its functionality. All you need to have is a source file or files located in your PC memory and a few seconds for converting all the files you need in one conversion.

    If you need an effective time-saving converter for your GRD files, buy Total GIS Converter right now!

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    Buy Total GIS Converter NOW!
    (only $99.90)
       Updated Thu, 22 Feb 2018
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