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  HTM files, similar to HTML are used for storing web pages. It is the same Hypertext Markup language files with no noticeable differences. The choice depends on web server settings. HTML is mostly associated with Unix applications, however HTM is more common for Microsoft programs.

Converting HTML to TIFF you create an image version of the web page. This operation allows storing all web page elements in one file, with no additional folder, as it required for HTM format. Moreover, TIFF format allows editing web page as an image, using it in various presentations, design projects, for printing in a big scale, etc. It is very easy to convert HTM to TIFF with the help of Total HTML Converter. It is a tool that is able to perform the following conversions:

  • HTM to TIFF
  • HTM to DOC
  • HTM to TXT
  • HTM to XLS
  • HTM to PDF
  • HTM to JPG

TIFF conversion is fully adjustable, you can convert only those elements that you need. For instance, you can export only text or only image information from HTM file, or convert all elements in the same structure. User chooses conversion mode according to his needs, and such flexibility is a big advantage of this HTM TIFF Converter. Moreover it allows converting to TIFF using different compression modes that helps to:

  1. Choose optimal file size for converted copies
  2. Make conversions with required quality level

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Total HTML converter processes HTM source file in batches. This means user is able to convert as many HTM files as necessary within one simple conversion command. By the way, you can handle this through the command line, using simple and laconic parameters. The program supports several languages of interface, including English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and even Japanese. Buy Total HTML Converter now for exporting your web pages to any graphic and text format.

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   Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021

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