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Convert MIF To PNG

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mif to png converter

convert mif to png

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10


  MIF files allow connecting text database to GIS graphics creating powerful and highly-informative GIS projects. It is a proprietary format for MapInfo software, Windows-based GIS package. MapInfo files can be converted into graphics compatible with common viewers and browsers, if you need to make them available for public use, or store in more compact form for sharing. Converting MIF to PNG gives high-quality image copies compact in size, suitable for fast online sharing or compact storage on PC or other data carriers.

Total GIS Converter offers 3 ways of how to convert GIS files of different formats (including MIF) into PNG:

  1. Converting one gis file: if you need to convert a single MIF file into PNG, navigate through memory folders to find and check it as a source file, click on ‘MIF’ icon in the format bar located above navigation menu of the program), set destination for the future converted copy and click ‘Start!’.
  2. Convert MIF files in batches: if you need to convert more than one file to PNG format, there is no need to convert them one-by-one, making the same settings each time. You can convert all of them in one batch, using Total GIS Converter. The process is identical to single conversion, the only difference is checking all source files at once, checking them of in the file list of navigation menu.
  3. Command line mode: you can enable MIF PNG converter from the command line. Both converting in batches and single file conversion can be done by a simple command whose parameters are described in Help menu. In this mode you don’t need to start the program as you activate it from the command line.

Converting files from the command line is better for advanced PC users who prefer working with commands instead of using program interfaces.

Total GIS Converter is an easy-to-use helper for exporting GIS files to graphic formats that is already available for ordering online. Download it right now absolutely free!

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Buy Total GIS Converter NOW!
(only $99.90)
   Updated Thu, 22 Mar 2018
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