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Convert MIF To TIFF

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mif to tiff converter

convert mif to tiff

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  MapInfo Interchange file format is a native format for MapInfo GIS program that allows to attach text information to geography graphics (usually maps). Each MapInfo project consists of database (MID file) and graphic document (MIF file) connected to each other. To make such files available for viewing and printing without MapInfo software, you can convert MIF to TIFF that saves graphics in raster format. Using Total GIS Converter you will do this within a few clicks.

Total GIS Converter allows to convert GIS files to one of four graphic formats:

  • TIFF (for storing graphics with high color depth);
  • PNG (for saving bitmap images with lossless compression);
  • JPEG (for storing and sharing graphics online);
  • BMP (for storing high-quality graphics when big file size is not a problem)

If you need to convert MIF files to TIFF, use the next step-by-step manual:

  1. Source files: you need to specify MIF source files, those you need to convert. This can be one or more files, you can convert all files at a time if they are located in one folder. You can also select a few file folders for conversion. Just check all required sources in the Total GIS Converter navigation menu.
  2. Conversion mode: you need to enable MIF TIFF converter by clicking on ‘TIFF’ button in the top left corner of the program window.
  3. Options settings: in the popped up window set the destination folder for the future TIFF copies. Also you can slice up the source file into parts with specific size, saving each fragment into separate file. This is convenient if original file is too large.
  4. Conversion start: press ‘Start!’ button to enable conversion process.

As you see, it is very easy to work with Total GIS Converter that doesn’t require much time or skills from the user. Being easy and functional, it is an ideal choice among such converters.

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Buy Total GIS Converter NOW!
(only $99.90)
   Updated Fri, 16 Feb 2018
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