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mp4 to wmaTotal Audio Converter is a versatile audio conversion utility that supports all popular audio formats. It converts MP4 to various lossy and lossless audio file extensions, including WMA, WAV, AAC, MP3, OGG, FLAC, APE, MP4, MPC. The program has an intuitively laid out interface and a number of advanced features, which include batch mode, command line support and the newly added YouTube option. Now, you can grab audio from YouTube and convert it to any of the formats mentioned above.

Using the MP4 Converter

Total Audio Converter converts MP4 to WMA easily. WMA is one of the most popular lossy file extensions. Today, WMA is one of the most commonly used audio file formats, only second to MP3. WMA compression provides the same audio quality as MP3 even at smaller bitrates.

By aid of this MP4 WMA Converter, you can extract audio from your MP4 files and save them in WMA. If you have lots of MP4 files on your PC, you do not have to waste time converting them one by one. You can convert several hundreds of your MP4 files to WMA in less than no time.

Launch the program and select the folder with MP4 files. If you would like to convert several files optionally, check them manually. If you wish to render all the files contained in the folder in WMA, click Check All. All the files will be checked automatically.

Select WMA in the toolbar on top of the interface or from Convert menu. The Wizard will help you adjust your conversion parameters, which include channels, bitrates and sample rates. There you can specify the destination folder, so that you can easily find your WMA files any time.

To download audio from YouTube, copy-paste the url and click Start. Then convert the file to WMA.

With this advanced WMA Converter, you can manage your files right from the desktop. Once the program is on your PC, Convert to option is added to the right-click menu. All you need to do is right-click on a file and select Convert to. Command line support permits you to launch the program from within other applications.

Total Audio Converter is a shareware. You can either use the trial version for 30 days or buy the key right now. This is the fastest, most powerful, and, most important, one of the cheapest file conversion utilities today's software industry can offer. Registered users receive free tech support and upgrades.

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Buy Total Audio Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
(only $24.90)
   Updated Thu, 18 Feb 2021

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