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  Few weeks ago I was in business trip. Actually it was awesome quest – I visited India, China and Russia. All my three flash card for my camera were overloaded. I copy all photos from Konika Minolta to my Pc I understand that almost all space in hard drive is filled with images in MRW format. It is not so necessary for me to have all those pictures in such format, because I'm not a professional photographer. That is why I decided to convert MRW to JPEG. It helps to find out free space on my computer and I get my photo-library in a more popular format. Now I can upload and share my photos easily!

I found one MRW JPEG converter which suits me. Now I would like to tell you about this software – it is Total Image Converter – a fast and powerful MRW convertor. I like it ‘knows' how to convert images in batches and how to resize images to make photos smaller. It is not just a converter – it is a universal tool for post-producing actions with photos – I put watermarks on my images and I know now; ‘where' and ‘when'.

This program is very easy in usage, you just need to download and install Total Image Convertor, than choose pictures you want to convert and press ‘convert' button. That is all; you don't need any special knowledge's about image formats, layer, etc. You can use it in few minutes after downloading.

Total Image Converter is really good choice for any user – you don't have to be professional designer. Edit, resize and convert your images with few clicks – save your time and disk space.

This program is widely used and you can find it in web easily. You may download it right now. The main thing is to save good pictures and good memories about places and countries you have been to. Good luck and good pictures!

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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