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While tools like Microsoft Outlook are highly helpful for our day-to-day routine in or out business, they require the time and the possibility to access a device with an Internet connection. So, exporting data in a comfortable way could come handy in many cases.

CoolUtils, a software development company with more than 13 years of experience in the business, is actually offering a powerful platform that allows the user to convert MSG files into DOC. Before talking about the Total Mail Converter and all its virtues for the user, you must understand what MSG means.

The MSG files are used by many email clients to store email messages, attachments, and all kinds of useful data for the online messaging platform. If you have the need to convert a big batch of emails and files attached to them, you could take advantage of the DOC file, which is the one used by Microsoft Word and other text processors.

Now we should take a further look at the capabilities of the Total Mail Converter software developed by CoolUtils.

In the same moment you open for the first time the Total Mail Converter on you PC, you will notice the user-friendly interface. According to the CoolUtils development team, this software is aimed to a customer with no major knowledge about the subject. I can be used by anyone without complex and boring tutorials. In the left, we are going to the directory list, where we are going to locate the MSG file we need to convert. On top, we found the format bar with all the types of files available, being DOC the first one, as expected. In the center of the suite, we are going to enjoy a beautifully-designed space to select in details what we are going to convert. Finally, on the right, we are going to have a preview tool.

Along with the convenience feature of the software, there are plenty quite tuned for the users' satisfaction; here are just a few of them:

  • Convert each email to a new doc or combine several emails to one doc
  • Rename output files using macros
  • Show time in UTC
  • Access or do not access internet for images
  • A great renamer is there to help the customer figure out which attachment belongs to which email
  • Tailor output files to your needs - set margines, paper orientation, paper size. Fit-to-page option for bulk jobs.

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On similar software suites, this is a complex thing to do and often it doesn't work well. Fortunately, Total Mail Converter gives a lot of importance to attached files. Save them in the original file types or embed into outut file (i.e. if attachments are images).

Then, we must mention the formatting capabilities. The advanced formatting for output DOCs is built-in as well. Also, it works flawlessly.

Finally, the automation function of this software represents a highly useful tool that will save a lot of time to the user. This built-in tool will detect changes in the predetermined folders and will convert MSG files according to the user preferences. Happily, this works exactly as it should.

CoolUtils has developed a complete tool for those who want practicability and accessibility with their emails texts and attached files. The Total Mail Converter is then the perfect software for this kind of job.

Windows 2000/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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Updated Fri, 22 Oct 2021

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