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ogg WMA converterWMA format is the Microsoft's answer to MP3 and AAC compression formats aimed at presenting audio files in smaller sizes with minimum loss in quality. Besides usage in Windows devices, WMA is widely supported by portable audio players, including car players that rarely support OGG format. If your music collection is stored in OGG format and you want to make it suitable for your audio playback devices, you can convert OGG into WMA with the help of dedicated application. It will be better for you to use functional OGG converter that allows to change the bitrate and other audio parameters, so you could gain the best audio quality. Total Audio Converter is an ideal helper in audio conversion, as it has everything in its pack required for this. Besides it is very easy in use.

When enabling the program, you will see a window with format bar on the top and the navigation menu on the central part. Here you will see the list of all audio files available on your computer. To the left from it you'll see the list of folders – you can switch between them. If WMA format is preferable for you, you should select the required OGG source file from the list and click on ‘WMA' button in the format bar. In the opened window you will find options of OGG to WMA conversion, including samplerate, channels, bitrate, part file selection and destination settings. WMA format allows to render OGG files with constant or variable bitrate. The last one allows lossless conversion with 100% quality saving.

convert ogg to wma

Converting OGG to WMA can be made by batches if you have lots of files and want to perform conversion within one command line. It is a very simple feature that saves your time. To find out more, you can look through ‘Command line parameters' in ‘Help' menu. As you see, Total Audio Converter is available for free testing. So you can make sure in its great performance before buying a license.

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   Updated Sat, 19 Dec 2020

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