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ORF Converter - How To convert RAW Olympus Photos

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  Total Image Converter is a versatile image converter that converts various types of image files to TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PNG, BMP, ICO and many other formats. Besides, it supports lots of raw formats (i.e. ORF), which are often referred to as ‘digital negatives', since they contain only raw image data.

What is ORF? ORF (Olympus Raw File) is a raw image format used in Olumpus digital cams. It contains headers, which define image characteristics, such as white balance, saturation, color temperature, etc.

Although ORF files do allow for precise editing, they cannot be edited via standard image editing software. ORF format is only supported by Olympus digital cams. Raw files are large in size and therefore are hard to transmit online.

How to Convert ORF File

s With Total Image Converter on your PC, you can manage ORF and any other type of raw file. All you need to do is launch the interface and follow a few simple steps. By aid of this converter, you can convert ORF files to any standard format without much detriment to image quality.

Run the utility and select the folder with ORF files contained in it. Check one or several files. You can also click Check All to check-mark all the files contained in the folder. Select the target format in the Format bar or use the Convert menu.

Use the wizard to crop, rotate or resize your photographs. Select destination folder and select your preferred image quality options. Use logos and add comments. When you are through with the settings, click Start to launch conversion.

Total Image Converter features command line support. It integrates into Windows, so you can manage images from the desktop.

Total Image Converter is shareware. Buy it right now or use the 30-day demo version to see how it works. This all-in-one image conversion monster is really worth the little price you pay for it!

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Buy Total Image Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
(only $24.90)
   Updated Thu, 25 Feb 2021

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