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  Total Image Converter is a kind of utility, in comparison to which all other image converters pale. It presents an ultimate combination of power and user friendliness. There is hardly a tool out there except this one, by aid of which you can convert PCX to JPEG in seconds. It takes but three simple actions to get the job done.

This image converter has a number of advanced options, such as command line support and batch option. Command line option permits you to convert PCX to JPEG from within other utilities. Batch mode will help you render a large number of PCX files in JPEG without much effort.

This PCX JPEG converter has several editing tools. You can resize, crop and rotate pcx images and add watermarks. The built-in viewer will help you ensure acceptable output quality.

How to Convert PCX to JPEG

Launch the program and choose the folder with PCX files. In the file list, check-mark the files you wish to convert to JPEG. If you would like to convert the entire collection to JPEG, click Check All. The system will check-mark all the files automatically. You can use one of the images as an example. Check it and it will appear in the viewer's window. Here you can rotate your image as you see fit. Also, you can crop your images and resize them, using the options above the file list. These options are present in the Wizard. Use the Wizard to specify destination folder. When you have shaped your image, click start. The program will do the job in seconds.

Total Image Converter can be run via the right-button menu as well. Right-click on a file and launch the interface by clicking Convert to. Then follow the procedure described above. By aid of command line function, you can convert PCX to JPEG from within any other utility.

Total Image converter supports a series of formats, including TIFF, RAW, JPEG, PNG, BMP. TGA, PSD, etc. If you have purchased the license version, you will receive free tech support and upgrades on a regular basis. Download the free trial version and use it for 30 days to see how it works!

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Buy Total Image Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  Image Tutorial
(only $24.90)
   Updated Thu, 25 Feb 2021

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