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rle to Ico We have replenished our portfolio with Image2Ico – a powerful RLE ICO converter, which boasts exceptional performance and great versatility. It has a robust and intuitive user interface, which makes it a treasure for both professionals and first-time users. If you have this icon converter on your PC, you will have no problem creating icons.

This converter provides you with an array of options permitting you to edit your icons in your favorite fashion. The program presents a table of icon sizes and color regimes. You can choose between the following size options: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 72x72, 96x96, 128x128. There are four color regimes, of which True Color appears to be more preferred.

Image2Ico is converts RLE to ICO in seconds. You are only to select the RLE image to be converted and make your settings.

How to Convert RLE to ICO

To convert RLE to icon, run the utility and choose your preferred size/color. Click on the respective box. Click File in the top left corner and select Open. Select the folder with RLE images contained in it. Click on the file in the folder and press open. The RLE image will be displayed in the selected box. It is possible to place images in boxes via drag-and-drop function. Specify transparency level. Use Tool menu to rotate/flip your icon. Press Save as in the File menu and set the destination folder.

You can insert/remove images from the boxes drag-and-drop images between the boxes. To remove RLE, click on the box with the image and select Remove. If you click Insert, the program will open the folder, which you have used during your previous session.

The program supports lots of other formats JPEG Bitmap (jpg, jpeg, jpe), Compuserve Bitmap (gif), Windows metafile (wmf), Windows Icon (ico), Windows Bitmap (bmp, dib, rle), Portable Network Graphics (png), Windows Vista icon support.

Image 2Ico is not expensive at all. You can either purchase now or download the free 30-day trial version. It will take but a few sessions for you to understand how great this tool is. Chances are, one try will make you want to buy the program right now.

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Buy Image2Ico NOW!
(only $12.50)
   Updated Mon, 21 Sep 2020

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