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If you need to export RTF file to image format it is reasonable to know the options offered by each separate format. JPEG allows to compress the file size significantly, however an image quality can be lost. TIFF provides much better image quality, but file size will be a few times bigger than for JPEG. If compact memory space is not your priority, it is recommended to convert RTF to TIFF that allows to receive highest-quality images suitable for printing in big scale and editing in various graphic editors. TIFF is widely supported by modern editors and viewers for any major computer platforms.

Total Doc Converter has an in-built RTF converter that supports export to TIFF. Conversion done with this program is maximally effective thanks to the range of available compression modes:

  • G4Fax
  • LZW
  • Jpeg
  • Pack Bits
  • Zip

Conversion in uncompressed mode is also available.

RTF converter transports text correctly and even allows to change its formatting. For instance, user can select any required font type and size and change paper format. Such flexibility makes conversion results maximally meeting user requirements and makes editing files possible without any additional software.

rtf converter free download

If RTF source contains images or some charts, they will be exported too. You can convert RTF to TIFF in either single or batch modes. This means that the program can process any number of source files at a time. If you need to convert many RTF sources with the same settings, simply check all of them in the source file list. By the way, to find RTF sources in the whole scope of files in a folder apply ‘RTF' mask that will sort out relevant files.

Simple and useful, Doc Converter offers maximum efficiency for minimum price. Launch it now to do all conversions you need and see, how this easy tool can save your time.

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   Updated Sat, 22 Jan 2022
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