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Total Movie Converter is a versatile video conversion tool, by aid of which you can convert SWF to AVI in batch in less than no time. The program has a user friendly interface and a handy wizard. Both experienced users and beginners can use this tool without the slightest difficulty. This video converter supports almost all video formats and converts to AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, FLV.

What is SWF?
SWF has been referred to either as 'Small Web Format' or 'Shockwave Format'. This vector-graphics format was designed for delivery of graphics, both inert and animated, and sounds over Internet. It is not intended for exchange between graphic design applications. SWF is used extensively for displaying animated elements on the web. It is also widely used in games. SWF files can be generated by Adobe products, such as Flash Editor, Flex Builder, and more. Some open source and third party applications can also be used for building SWF files. It takes a Flash Player to play an SWF file. In order to make SWF animation more compatible, it is advisable to convert SWF to AVI.

Converting FLASH to AVI

swf avi converterThis is when Total Movie Converter comes in handy! If you are experiencing compatibility problems with your FLASH animation, don't hesitate to use this SWF converter. This tool converts SWF files to AVI in batch. In other words, you can check as many files as you wish or all the files contained in your selected folder and click AVI. To check-mark all the files, click Check All.

Total Movie Converter has a few advanced features. It has command line support, by aid of which you can convert your files from within other applications. This AVI converter integrates into Windows; therefore, you can manage your files right from the desktop. The built-in video player permits you to view your videos before and after conversion and thus estimate the quality of your videos. The program wizard will help you select parameters, which include audio/video bit rate, sample rate and frame rate.

Total Movie Converter is available online. If you would like to see how it works prior to buying, hit Download button and use the trial version for 30 days. Once you purchase the activation code, you will get tech support and upgrades for free on a regular basis.

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