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If TIFF format is not so convenient for you than BMP, you can export your TIFF collection of images into BMP format. The most of graphic converters offer converting images one by one, that takes too long if you need to process a hundred or even a few tens of images. It is far more suitable to convert TIFF to BMP in batch with the help of Total Image Converter.

This flexible graphic converting utility is intended for transferring images from one format to another, extending their usability for various applications and purposes. It is easy to turn files into any format you need, as the program supports all major graphic formats, including:

  • BMP
  • ICO
  • GIF
  • PDF
  • RAW
  • PNG

In order to transfer your TIFFs into BMP, you will need to select required TIFF images for conversion. If they are located in the folder with files in other formats, you can filter TIFF ones by *.tiff mask. You can then press 'Select All' button to form a batch of source files. In this case the program will convert all TIFF files from a current folder. You can select a few or one file, it depends on your needs.

After the source list is formed, you will need to select BMP as a target format. To do this just press BMP button in the top format bar. You will see the settings menu popped up. There are transformation, colours and watermark protection features are available, all of them are optional. You can set them manually or use default configuration.

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This batch TIFF BMP converter can be managed via command line. This alternative to GUI is suitable for users, who would like to perform conversions in background mode. All command line parameters you will need are listed in Help menu.

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   Updated Wed, 03 Feb 2021

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