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  One of the ways to create the image version of TXT file is converting it to TIFF with the help of Total Doc Converter. TIFF format is still very popular among users, used for faxing and graphic design, it is supported by all major platforms. This Doc Converter offers a handy solution for converting text to TIFF that will save your time and create high-quality image copies of any number of text files.

The program offers a few compression types that help to save memory space when storing a lot of TIFF file. As generally known, TIFF provides with good image quality but has big file size. However this TXT TIFF converter solves this problem by compressing TIFF images during conversion. Other features of Total Doc Converter include:

  • Converting TXT files in batch (any number of files at a time);
  • File preview: helps to view the content of source files to define the required one;
  • Convert each txt page to separate TIFF file: user can set paper format and create multipage TIFF files or save every page of predefined size in separate TIFF file, splitting TXT source content to fragments.
  • Conversion from the command line: another way to convert TXT to TIFF with the help of Total Doc Converter.
  • Adjustable font type: you can select any kind of font and size for converted TIFF files.

You won't feel any problems with this Doc converter from CoolUtils. It is created with excellent interface that leads user through the whole process of conversion, tipping at what should be done the next. More professional users can convert TXT files from the command line or simply from the context file menu. The program offers a few ways of its use so that any user will choose the handiest variant for himself.

You can text it for free by downloading trial version. The licensed Total Doc Converter is also available here.

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   Updated Sat, 22 Jan 2022
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