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  Using video for Nokia smartfone requires special conversion due to the lack of supported video formats for these devices. Movies in AVI or DIVX format will be not played on Nokia without additional software, and some video formats are not licensed for use on Nokias. The only way to make any videos suitable for your smartphone is to turn them into appropriate format with the help of video converter that supports this functionality. It is easy and fast to make video conversions with the help of Total Movie Converter. In contrast to other converters, Total Movie Converter doesn't require long settings and too many efforts – just one click and any number of videos become compatible with any Nokia smartphone.

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How To Convert Video To Nokia

In order to convert video to Nokia smartphone compatible format, you need to use ‘Nokia' feature in ‘Device' menu. You will be offered to make a few settings, which can ne skipped if you wish to use default settings.
  1. Destination. Here you can specify the location where converted copies will be saved.
  2. Rotate. This inlay is responsible for converted video orientation. You can set specific rotation or flipping of the video image, or use the default variant which is “Do not Rotate”.
  3. Advanced. Here you can extract specific video fragment for conversion. It is helpful feature if you need to make a collection of favorite episodes or need to extract fragments for the future compilation.
  4. Audio. This inlay contains settings for the video sound. Volume, samplerate, number of channels and bitrate are available for adjustment.

When a few source files are selected, the ‘Advanced' feature becomes inactive, while a new feature for combining all video into one file appears. In such a way you can create a movie collection in one single video track.

Total Movie Converter offers the easiest way to adjust your favorite videos for the playback on Nokia smartphones. The process can be done using the default settings that maximally saves your time and provides with excellent video quality.

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   Updated Thu, 14 May 2020

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