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convert MOV to MPEG4

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

  WMV (Windows Media Video) format was developed by Microsoft and now is supported by all major Windows applications. It is possible to play WMV files on other platform, but usually it requires installing additional virtual player. Sometimes it can be a problem for portable devices that have no in-built WMV support.

You can extend the compatibility of your WMV videos by changing their format to more suitable one. As a variant you can convert WMV to MPEG4 that is supported by all major portable devices and lots of software players. This task is easy if you have Total Movie Converter that can turn any number of WMV files to MPEG4 video tracks, just within one mouse button click.

What makes any WMV MPEG4 converter a good one, is simplicity in use. From this side Total Movie Converter is a top quality tool. Its interface prompts user every further step leading him though easy and quickly conversion process. To create MPEG4 copies of your WMV files with the help of this video converter, you need only to pass through three stages:

  • Specify source files you want to convert
  • Choose target format (MPEG4)
  • Check off required parameters for video settings.

Specifying wmv sources takes a few seconds thanks to inbuilt navigation panel. Click on the memory folder and you will see its content in the centre of the program window. Check all source files right here in the file list. Then press ‘MPEG4' button in the top format bar and you will see the options wizard popped up. Here (if needed) you can choose video settings for the future converted files. Then click ‘Start!' button. That's all!

This MPEG4 converter also works with default settings. Using them you do not need to choose any parameters manually that can save you more time. Total Movie Converter is always available for download in up to date version. Try it now for your own use!

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