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  If you get used to working in Microsoft Excel but need to export data tables to XML format, it is not a problem if to use Total Excel Converter for converting XLS files to XML. Total Excel Converter simply creates a copy of XLS original of any format you need. XML is a popular format for structured data exchange between different applications and data environments. It is widely used for presenting data online and website development.

Total Excel Converter is not overloaded with different extra features that are not helpful for conversions and only confuse user and complicate the use of spread sheet converter. All it provides is correct transferring information from XLS file to XML copy with no data loss or wrong file structure. As a result you get standard XML file ready for use in online projects or any other applications. XLS XML converter from CoolUtils has a few additional advantages that are aimed to make it maximally useful for different user needs:

  1. Converting any number of XLS files at a time: the number of source files for one conversion is unlimited.
  2. 18 formats for conversion: convert XLS to XML or to any of other 17 formats of image, text or database type;
  3. Command line mode: manage conversions through command line interface with no need to launch Total Excel Converter interface.
  4. View XLS files directly in the program to define required source. Total Excel Converter has an in-built file viewer for better convenience.
  5. Convert to plug-in. After Total Excel Converter is installed on your PC, a convert to feature is added to the context menu of each file. Using the right-button click on any XLS file you can convert it to XML without opening Total Excel Converter.

All these features provide you with handy and fast conversion of Excel files. You can download Total Excel Converter now for your personal use.

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Buy Total Excel Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Tue, 20 Oct 2020

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