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Convert XLS Files Automatically

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Total Folder Monitor performs your set task automatically, not requiring any manual work on your part. It converts all Excel files that arrive to the folder being monitored. You can set your program to automatically convert your Excel files to the following formats: DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, JPG, TIFF, CSV, ODT, ODS, XML, SQL, Lotus, DBF, LaTeX, DIFF, SYLK.

Total Folder Monitor is an all-in-one task performance tool, produced by CoolUtils Software Developer Company, and all utilities developed by this company, including Total Excel Convertor, Total PDF Converter, Total Vectorize, etc., are integrated into it. Total Folder Monitor can automate any repetative task.

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How to Automate XLS Conversion

Total Folder Monitor watches your selected folder and automatically converts newly added XLS files to other formats. The task gets active if the number of files or file size exceeds your specified level. Total Folder Monitor permits you to set tasks for the following occasions:
  1. Run (this action will be performed when task event occurs, i. e. new XLS files are added to the folder being watched)
  2. On Success (this action will be performed if XLS files are converted without errors)
  3. On Error (this action will be performed if an error occurs during conversion)
  4. On Resume (this action will be performed if conversion resumes successfully after an error)
To have your XLS files converted automatically, run Total Folder Monitor and select New Task. Give it a name and specify the folder for monitoring. Set the sum of the file size and the number of files needed to start automatic conversion. Then click Finish. Choose one of the four modes and click on the link to define a new action. The wizard will give you a list of actions. Select ExcelConvert and specify the target format. Click Next and enter the folder name. Then click Finish. The program will be converting all XLS files you add to the selected folder until you cancel the action.

If you feel like you are not coping with your daily work just because there are too many routine actions to perform, it's about time for you to buddy with Total Folder Monitor. This is going to be your business acolyte forever, as it will do nearly all the work for you. It is worth only $49.90, and it will take just a couple of days for it to pay for itself!

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Buy Total Folder Monitor NOW!
(only $99.00)
   Updated Wed, 28 Oct 2020

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