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Convert HTML to JPEG

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If you need to create jpeg files from your html files use Total HTML Converter.
Convert HTML to JPEG following these steps:
  1. The interface of Total HTML Convetrer is most intuitive. You will see three panels. Panel 1 shows your file tree. Click it to select the folder with your HTML files that you want to convert to JPEG. Panel 2 displays the contents of the selected folder. You may view the content of each file in the built-in viewer in the third panel.
  2. First you need to select the file and mark it (click Check button or check its checkbox below the list).
  3. Press JPEG button in top toolbar.

  4. Wizard dialog window will appear. After that will appear wizard dialog window. Choose Destination item and select necessary destination folder to place the output JPEG file. You may use current path as well as change file name or destination.

  5. You can define quality for your JPEG image. Note that there is the direct connection bertween the quality and the size of your image (the better quality gives the larger size)

  6. Next step will ask you for a background image or color. If you want to set a background image, just set the path to it. In case you do not want any background images or colors, leave Background color 'White'.

  7. Select Finish conversion item and check all parameters of the conversion.

    There are the fields Delete originals and Open destination folder after converting. We strongly advice you not to check them without thorough consideration (we won't be able to restore the original files if you marked 'Delete originals' checkbox).

  8. Press Start! button to convert HTML file to JPEG format.

Tip!Total HTML Converter will remember all conversion parameters you set. Next time you want to convert files of the same source and target formats, these settings will appear. But be sure you may change them if you want.

Note that Total HTML Converter supports command line. The syntax is:
HtmlConverter.exe /source/ /destination/ /options/

Here is an example of conversion HTML files to JPEG:

HtmlConverter.exe C:\Documents\index.htm C:\Pages\Doc1.jpg -c jpg
Convert file index.htm into jpeg image Doc1.jpg

The full list of command line parameters can be found here.

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Buy Total HTML Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Fri, 29 Jan 2021

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