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Save $200 on the Purchase of 32 Award-winning Tools Shipped as One Bundle

Softplicity research team announces today the availability of its award-winning software which is now shipped as a single bundle for only $99 (USD). This bundle contains a wide range of utilitarian applications for home and office use. You will discover tool related to multimedia, image processing, desktop enhancement, file management, document and format processing and administrative software among other categories. What makes this offer even more appealing is the price which allows you to save $200 by adopting the entire Cute Utils bundle.

The Softplicity creative team is an experienced software development team whose innovative products have seen the highest customer adoption throughout all six years of its history. Its Cool Utils family of products is used in thousands homes as well as offices of world-famous technology corporations and non-profit organizations, including BP, AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Texaco and NASA. According to Alexander Buzaev, CEO of Softplicity, “The success of our products is based on three attributes. We focus on hiring the best software engineers, do our best to develop products of top-quality and keep in close touch with our customers, helping them address their changing needs with maximum speed and efficiency.”

Softplicity’s brands include the best file manager Frigate, powerful file converters Image Converter, Audio Converter, PDF Converter and over 20 other products. They are distributed from the Cool Utils website at and through a network of resellers worldwide. In addition to their stand-alone distribution, Softplicity invites you to enjoy all 32 products offered in a bundle. With this bundle, you save over $200 while getting all the tools every PC user needs to work efficiently.

One of the newest products included in the bundle is Motion Hunter. In a combination with a computer and a webcam, it makes a low cost, but effective MotionHunter video security and surveillance system to help you guard your home, office or garage from intrusion and respond to threats in seconds. The application can control up to four web cameras and has a motion control detection sensor that wakes them up at the slightest motion inside the monitored room. This sensor can trigger a variety of actions, including a sound alarm to scare off intruders, an email notification with a snapshot of the motion or noise event. Also, you can see what’s going on inside the monitored room remotely by watching live streaming video or audio from any remote PC.

Other products included in the Cool Utils bundle are no less valuable and interesting. To learn more about them, you can visit our official website at

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