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Moscow, Russia: CoolUtils has released a new powerful any to PDF converter based on usersí requests. While PDF is a de-facto standard in most offices, today we deal with a lot of other documents. Scanned invoices arrive in TIFF, reports come as XLS spreadsheets, and emails can be exported as EML and MSG files. When it comes to archiving, e-discovery or production you face a big a problem. There are many file converters available today, but very few convert any file type to PDF in one go.

Coolutils Converter is the multi-functional solution for those who donít want to waste time running several apps to save anything to PDF. It supports a lot of input file types, such as DOC, PDF, TXT, RTF, XLS, CSV, HTML, TIFF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, as well as emails (MSG, EML, and Outlook). A user can queue all these files and press Any to PDF button. Coolutils Converter will process hundreds and thousands of files saving folder structure.

Coolutils Converter is an all-in-one solution. It doesnít only convert files to PDF, but also offers a lot of additional settings. For example, many users like to give resulting files new descriptive names. Coolutils Converter makes it a breeze. Users can customize file names with counters, dates, or even replace file names with starting and ending bates numbers. Legal secretaries and paralegals appreciate that a lot. User can also benefit from a number of security settings. Coolutils Converter helps to set user permissions and password-protect PDF files. Those with a digital signature, can sign PDF files right during conversion. Certainly users can customize the appearance of the files. Margins, page sizes, page orientation can be changed in the settings tab. Adding a logo to the header or footer of each page is a matter of seconds.

Apart from converting any to PDF, Coolutils Converter can also act as a combining utility. It can take all input files and emails and produce one multi-page PDF document.

Tax advisor, auditors, legal professionals like Coolutils Converter for its power to process any file types to PDF. Itís a stand-alone app that doesnít require any third-party software. It can process Outlook emails even without Outlook installed. The price is very affordable and starts from $189 for a life-time license.

About CoolUtils: For over 15 years now: CoolUtils has been designing unbeatable software program designed to make your computing life cooler! Online since 2003, the programs have been advanced by way of thorough testing and millions of usages. CoolUtils takes usersí suggestions very seriously and consistently searching for solutions to make applications more obtainable, versatile, and convenient. Focusing on conversion software, CoolUtils prides itself in being the specialists in conversion utility. Presenting clients with devices which are capable of converting over 140 file types from one to another. Coolutils offers solutions for every possible conversion needs and support for images, emails, PDF, Excel, HTML, PDF, CAD, Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird and more.

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CoolUtils File Converters
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