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How to Convert DBX to TXT?

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If you are the one who uses Outlook Express and receives tons of e-mails, you certainly know that the program does not provide users with unlimited mailbox space. This means that e-mails either have to be deleted forever or saved into another format and deleted.

Certainly, there is absolutely nothing extraordinary in copying and pasting the e-mails, except for the fact that it takes hours or even days. However, if you don’t want to waste your time on this, you should be looking for tool that would automatically export your e-mails to another format recognized by applications other than e-mail clients.

We suggest you try email converter developed by CoolUtils; it is known as Total Outlook Express Converter and is designed to automatically integrate with Outlook Express. With the help of this application, you will be able to:

  • convert e-mails and folders created by Outlook Express into HTML, PDF, DOC, TXT, TIFF.
  • export the converted files to desktop and other folders on your computer
  • convert thousands of emails in the folders in just a few clicks
  • convert attachments by either saving them separately or inserting into the file
  • and much more!

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Here’s a brief how-to tutorial for those who want to convert DBX to TXT with the help of CoolUtils DBX converter:

  1. Download Total Outlook Express Converter from CoolUtils website
  2. Install the program as usual
  3. Double-click on the icon to open the program
  4. Select the folders (DBX files) you want to convert from the automatically generated list
  5. Set TXT as target format
  6. Click “Start!” to begin automatic conversion

If you want to make additional settings, for example, to specify the fields you want and do not want to export, to manage the attachments, and more, you can visit the official website of CoolUtils for a free screenshots tutorial.

To try Total Outlook Express Converter before buying it, get your free trial version now! Use it for 30 days to experience the truly high quality of DBX to TXT conversion!

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Buy Total Outlook Express Converter NOW!
(only $39.90)
   Updated Sun, 17 Dec 2017
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