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The Total Image Converter helps you convert your open lossless, raw Adobe DNG image files into the JPEG 2000 format through a user-friendly app that provides users with both intuitive codec translation, and image quality enhancement in one state of the art tool. Whether you're looking to modify an image that you've created with Photoshop, or convert images produced in Adobe Lightroom, CoolUtils' Total DNG to JPEG 2000 Converter has the conversion solutions you need.

Utilizing the next generation of image compression through "wavelet" technology, JPEG 2000 is on the cutting edge of lossless imagery performance and the Total DNG to JPEG 2000 Converter lets you take your DNG image-related projects to the next level through adding in a series of impressive improvements that come parcel to the JPEG 2000 format:
  • Fewer errors.
  • More colors.
  • Progressive transmission.
  • Higher resolutions.
  • Better compression.
  • Faster performance.

By using the Total DNG to JPEG 2000 Converter tool, you will quickly discover why the JPEG 2000 format is widely considered to be the new industry standard in image quality excellence. With the Total DNG to JPEG 2000 Converter you'll gain access to the same high-tech image quality production tools that the professionals use. Whatever your target outcomes, we can help you get there!

Check out our user-friendly Total Image Converter today through our free 30-day trial! Experience the benefits of having your conversion tasks automated for you, in both single and batch style operations. Don't delay; see what everyone is talking about! While you're at it, explore some of our other JPEG 2000 conversion formats including: RAW, CRW, CR2, NEF, SRF, ORF, BAY and MRW and more!

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