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Convert DXF to JPEG

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dxf jpeg converter

dxf jpeg converter

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DXF drawings are widely used in CAD programs as a universal drawings exchange format. However, it is not always convenient to share drawings in this format, as not all viewers may have special CAD software. If you want to create copies of drawings, compatible with standard image viewers, you can convert DXF into JPEG images using Total CAD Converter. JPEG is one of the most compact graphic format that is supported by all image viewers and editors.

Total CAD Converter offers correct exporting of drawings into more common graphic formats. Converting DXF files to JPEG is very simple, if you have this utility. You only need to select source files, format for conversion and make proper settings.

dxf jpeg converter

This DXF JPEG converter offers the following adjustable parameters:

  • Colors
  • Resizing
  • Rotation
  • JPEG quality and smoothing

You can choose between full color palette or black & white color variant. It depends on the content of your originals, as sometimes colors are not important. Converting drawings in black and white will reduce the file siz. JPEG quality and smoothing are also parameters that help to save on the file size. If you choose the high quality, the converter will create a JPEG copy of maximal size.

If you need to convert many DXF originals, there is no better helper than Total CAD Converter. This program can convert DXF to JPEG in batch, i.e. process all originals in one single conversion process. You can process as many files as you want in one batch so that all of them will be converted with the same settings. This convenient feature is already available from the command line. You can run Total CAD Converter in background mode using your cmd processor.

Total CAD Converter is available for downloading. You can use trial version for 30 days – all program's functionality is free during this period!

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   Updated Thu, 14 Oct 2021

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