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Why is DivX Video so popular today?

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DivX History

The DivX Video Codec is a popular video compression tool. With the help of this codec, you can significantly reduce the size of your video files without much impact on visual quality. DivX incorporates the so called ripping technology that transcodes video and audio data and saves it on a hard disk.

The brand name DivX is not to be confused with DIVX (Digital Video Express), a new video format, which the now gone Circuit City retailer company attempted to bring forth in the late 1990s. The attempt failed due to high costs and conflicts with film studios and competitors. The DivX, Inc. company even used a winking smiley in the early codec name DivX;-) in an ironic way to make a mock of the failure product. Then the company borrowed the name DivX, shed the smiley and released DivX 4.0, which bore no relation to the Circuit City’s product.

What's So Good about DivX Video?

Over the past few years, DivX has developed a complete DivX codec and the DivX Media format (DMF) that supports DVD and VOB. This format features multiple audio tracks and video streams, subtitle tracks (XSUB), chapter points, interactive video menus and other advanced characteristics.

The DivX Video codec is relies on the MPEG4 compression standard. It is also known to be able to reduce MPEG2 video files tenfold. The codec can reduce GHS tape videos by up to a hundred times with the original visual quality well intact! Once you have installed the DivX codec, you can download any DivX encoded video file more easily.

DivX encoded files are named .DIVX file extn., and they can be played with Windows Media Player and DivX player. Both DivX Player and the codec are available for free download at the company’s website. To understand how DivX works, you can use the free version of the codec and operate .DVIX, .avi, and .mkv files for 15 days. The 15 day trial period also covers the use of the program’s one-step conversion tool, DivX Plus™ HD encode profile and other advanced encode settings.

You can also buy the registered version of DivX at the website (DivX Pro 7) that also features DivX Converter and supported by H.264 video, AAC audio and Matroska containers. The whole thing is only worth $9.99, which is nothing compared with how much you can do with it!

Use special software like Total Movie Converter to convert DivX to other video formats (AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, FLV).

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