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My colleague from another office has sent me documents in strange DOCM format that I've never seen before. I googled, and it turned out that it requires MS Word 2007 or 2010. Older versions (I have Office 2003) do not open DOCM files without additional adjustments.

I remembered that I have Total Doc Converter for exporting my reports to PDF. Its latest version supports DOCM format of source files, and I decided not to discover continents again and simply convert DOCM to HTML. Why I chose this format? It's simple. To read text in HTML I need a browser, no need in special apps, some tricky settings and anything else. Any browser will read an HTML file. The idea of converting DOCM to PDF makes sense as well.

I opened Total Doc Converter, found the DOCM file and selected it as a source. I had a mess in My Documents, and to find it quickly I simply filtered DOCM files from the rest of formats. The program has this feature built-in. This is how to convert DOCM to HTML:

Green PlusAfter the file is selected, you need to press HMTL icon on top;

Green PlusIn the wizard that pops up after this you have all the settings available, so make the ones you need;

Green PlusPress Start!

It worked so well that became my common way of viewing DOCM files. I was surprised to find out how to save DOCM as HTML in batch. It's possible to convert lots of files together! In the settings I was able to setup my favorite font type and size, so it worked perfectly for proper layout:

font type and size

There are some advanced options for Properties for HTML, such as inline CSS, UTF8 encode. I do not deep in it, just edit location for converted files and sometimes change font styling. You can change DOCM to HTML without manual adjustments, with settings by default.

It's free in a trial version that is a great chance to try Total Doc Converter on your own files!

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Buy Total Doc Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Fri, 08 Feb 2019
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