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Convert EML to TXT with Attachments

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eml txt converter

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10


Total Mail Converter Pro is a new tool, which can be used as an EML-TXT converter. This converter has been modified to include a function that allows you to convert files attached to the main message. You can switch on/off this option any time. If you want to keep attached files in the original format, the program will place them in the same or a new folder.

This batch EML converter manages EMLs in large batches thanks to the powerful engine and the batch function. Command line option enables you to convert EMLs from within other utilities, without launching the interface.

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Total Mail Converter Pro in Use

To save your email messages as TXT files, do the following:

Green PlusLaunch Total Mail Converter Pro. Move up and down the folder tree and click on your EML folder. In the EML file list, check particular messages, which you want to save as TXT files. In order to convert all the messages, click the "Check All" button, which you can see at the bottom. If you want to convert the messages contained in subfolders, if any, check the "Include Subfolders" option.

Green PlusSelect TEXT in the toolbar and check the wizard's options:

  • Select destination for your output TXT files.
  • Next, you can choose to convert particular fields instead of converting all of them. Move on to the Fields tab and check the fields, which you need to export.
  • To skip links to images, if any, contained in your EMLs, check the 'do not access Internet for images' option.
  • If you wish to convert EML to TXT with attachments, move on to the "Attachments" tab and set the converter up to handle attachments according to your preferences. You can save attachments either in the current or in a new folder, unpack zipped attachments, convert attached documents and messages, save in a new file, etc.

Green PlusOpen the "Start Conversion" tab and review the settings. If you are satisfied, press the "Start" button to convert your EML messages to TXT.

Thanks to the program's OS integrability, you can convert EML files through the right-button menu. This is very convenient in a case whereby you need to convert a small number of messages.

Download the free trial version of Total Mail Converter Pro. Now you have 30 days to make your own opinion of this converter and check its entire functionality.

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Buy Total Mail Converter Pro NOW!
(only $129.90)
   Updated Mon, 18 Feb 2019
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