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Convert EML to Text with Attachments

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Convert Mail to txt with Attachments
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Total Mail Converter Pro is one of the most sophisticated yet simplest programs helping users to convert EML to Text with attachments. Featuring a robust user interface, this converter helps you convert your EML messages with ease. Most important, it converts files in batches. In other words, you can tick a whole folder of files and launch conversion.

Other good options allow you to convert attached files as well. This makes working with this program very convenient. What you should do is how you want to convert attached files. There are several alternatives, which are available in the wizard.

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How to Convert EML into Text Including Attachments

Green PlusRun the interface and highlight the folder with EML files in the left-hand side of the screen. The messages will appear in the middle part of the interface. Check a few messages using the mouse or press "Check all" to check the whole list.

Green PlusSelect "Text" in the toolbar and use the wizard. Set the destination path for your output files. If you want to save converted files in this folder afterwards, set this path as default by clicking the button just below the path field.

Green PlusSelect the fields, which you want to export. Here you can export Sender, Recipient, Date, Subject, etc.

Green PlusIf the EMLs have attached files, you can deal with them in several ways. In the "Attachments" tab, check whatever option you think is the most needed right now. For instance, you can save attachments in a new folder, unzip archive attachments, apply fit-to-page option to image attachments, convert attached messages, convert attachments, etc. If you are not experienced enough, skip it and use default settings. If you make your own settings, they will be there every next time you use the tool until you recalibrate it.

Green PlusPress Start to get this batch EML converter going and wait. Check the destination folder and see if all the files have been converted.

This utility has a free version, which you can download right now and use for a month. This will help you build your own estimate of this program's potential and, not unlikely, make you want to buy the full version.

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Buy Total Mail Converter Pro NOW!
(only $129.90)
   Updated Mon, 20 Dec 2021
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