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If there is no way to read EMLX files, you need to convert them into a format supported by your software. EMLX is a format for Apple mails, so it is not readable by open source operating systems like Linux, Ubuntu, etc. In order to read their content, you need to export EMLX into OpenOffice format using an email converter. Conversion to ODT will turn encoded mails into text files, easy to read and edit inside OpenOffice or other open source text editor.

Total Mail Converter is a program that performs such mail conversion with ease. It will take a minute to process all EMLX files, because it allows users to convert EMLX to ODT in batch, combining all sources together or creating a separate ODT file for each.

The program's navigation shows all your memory folders, and you need to choose the one where your EMLX sources are stored. After this you need to:

Green PlusCheck off all the EMLX files for conversion;

Green PlusClick on the ODT icon at the left top;

Green PlusChoose the conversion mode (combine all or convert separately);

Green PlusSelect fields for conversion;

Green PlusSpecify attachments options;

Green PlusPress Start!

You will also be able to setup page formatting, i.e. specify margins, paper size, orientation. Attachments settings include ability to convert attached emails, insert attached images into ODT copies or save them to a folder (in non-converted form). Total Mail Converter Pro has more options for processing different types of attachments, including archives, text documents, media files, etc. A standard of this batch email converter recognizes only attached messages and images.

Total Mail Converter has a built-in mail viewer. So if you need just to check what in EMLX file is, there is no need in its conversion. If you need to export EMLX to OpenOffice, then conversion is required. Do it quickly and correctly using this mail converter!

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Buy Total Mail Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Wed, 31 Mar 2021

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