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Convert EPI to SVG In Batch

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If you've been wondering how to convert EPI to SVG in batch, the answer is: use Total PDF to DXF converter. This program supports EPI and SVG, as well as many other extensions. Featuring a user friendly interface, it frees users from doing various unnecessary actions. All options are readily visible on the screen, and users can figure it out without referring to manuals.

This program has command line option. This option is intended for advanced users who prefer to convert files without running the interface. Using this function does not entail any fees. Commands are available via the Help menu.

This converter integrates into the right-button menu after installation, so you can right-click on an EPI file, select Convert to and follow the procedure.

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How to Export EPI to SVG

Green PlusIf you have launched the interface, view the file tree on the left-hand side of the interface and locate the folder with EPI files. Check it and view the EPI file list to the right of the file tree.

Green PlusBecause we are converting in batch, next thing you should do is press the Check all button. The engine will check-mark all the EPI files, and, whatever setting you select from now on, it will be applied to all the checked files. If you do not want to batch-convert your files and would like to process only a few EPI files, press Uncheck all and check the few files using the mouse. The settings that you are going to choose will be applied to these few files in exactly the same way as in case of batch-conversion.

Green PlusSelect SVG in the menu above and specify the settings, which are available via the wizard's dialog. You may simply view and leave the default settings or specify your own settings. For example, you can change destination for your target SVG documents and save them in your preferred folder.

Green PlusPress the Start button to launch the process. Open the folder, which you have set as a destination folder and view your SVG files.

Now you know how to convert EPI files!

If you are still having doubts because you do not want to rely on the description alone, download and run the free 30-day version.

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   Updated Thu, 14 May 2020

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