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Windows Metafile Format or WMF is a vector graphics format widely used in Windows applications GUI and various design projects. Sometimes there is a need to convert EPS to WMF, when EPS format is not supported by your software. If you need correct copies of your EPS images, use Total PDF Converter. This utility supports wide range of vector and bitmap image formats and performs many types of conversion. As for EPS WMF converter, it can work in both single and batch conversion modes.

Batch conversion is very useful, when there are many EPS files that need to be converted to WMF. Setting the program to convert them one by one, you can spend hours for converting hundreds of files. This can be done much faster and easier, if to convert EPS to WMF in batch. Doing this is very simple, you just need to:

  • Locate all EPS source files in one memory folder;
  • Checkmark this folder as a source for conversion;
  • Select WMF format as a target one;
  • Make settings for conversion (if necessary);
  • Enable the process by pressing 'Start!'

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If the sources are already located in one folder, you can sort them out from the rest of files by applying a mask. If to use *.eps mask, EPS converter will sort out all EPS files from the folder content and display them in the file list. You can checkmark required files or use ‘Check All' option to include all EPS files to the source batch. When the source batch is formed, press WMF button in the format bar and you will see the popped up options list. Here you can make any settings you need and enable conversion.

For converting EPS to WMF download the program, install it on your PC and make a few mouse clicks to set the converter into the right mode. Try it now for free, you can always upgrade to a licensed version.

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   Updated Thu, 21 Oct 2021

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