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CoolUtils Releases A Free Episode Player To Watch TV Series With Comfort

Everyone watches TV series on computer. And it is always a problem to remember on what episode you stopped. CoolUtils released a free program that can remember the last played episode and play the next one for you. Think it is expensive? It is fully free of charge!

The program is called according to its main purpose Episode Player. This tiny utility has no extra functions, just the ones you need for comfort watching series:

  1. It can track what episodes you have already watched and what not (episodes located in one folder)
  2. It automatically checks the system for all video players, giving you ability to choose the one you prefer for playback.
  3. It remembers the history of watches for each player.

The program was tested by a group of beta-testers and it was decided to launch it to public, as it turned to be very useful. It is especially useful for those who watch series from time to time, so its impossible to remember where a person has stopped and which episode to watch next. Agree that opening each file to remember what you have already seen is sometimes irritating, especially if you value your free time. All this is solved easily with EpisodePlayer.

It has straightforward user interface that includes the list of files, the list of player and a few buttons. To watch your favorite series from the episode you stopped on last time, you only need to open the folder with series, choose player and click Play. You can also enable the player from the command line, if you prefer to launch application in this mode. EpisodePlayer supports command line and offers easy command controls.

EpisodePlayer can be downloaded for free - this is a little present from CoolUtils for all users who like to watch TV series. Get it here and spend your free time only for watching, easily setting up to the right episode!

Pricing and Availability
Episode Player runs under Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/98, and is absolutely free. More information on the product as well as its full free version can be found at

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