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"I use the converterX to simply generate pdfs in landscape on the fly. I have tried about 5-6 other products along with yours and found your software to be the best at generate pdfs efficiently, accurately, and most importantly fast."

Empire City Laboratories

"I find your Windows product to be excellently conceived and executed. The GUI is very straightforward; controls thoughtfully placed. One does not need a manual to become quickly productive. Performance and quality of results meets or exceeds expectations. Your business pricing is right in the middle of the market, a good place to be."

Bruce A. Chitiea
SafeSectors, Inc. - Tool Account


XLS to PDF and much more

Buy Total Excel Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
  • Convert XLS to PDF in batches keeping folder structure
  • Output formats include PDF, DOC, TXT, HTML, CSV, ODS, RTF
  • Get PDF, non-searchable PDF or PDF/A
  • Combine several XLS into one PDF
  • Split XLS: every sheet to a new PDF file
  • Copy original time stamps (new files will get the same modification date)
  • Lots of additional options:

    Green PlusSet user permissions (forbid or allow editing, printing, etc.)
    Green PlusRename output files adding a counter (start from any number)
    Green PlusSelect paper: portrait, landscape. Fit-to-page option.
    Green PlusAdd pagination
    Green PlusAdd your digital signature

  • Great user interface and full command line support

buy Total Doc Converter
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upgradesHow about upgrades? 1 year of major upgrades and tech supports is included into the price. The license never expires. If you want a fresh version you can extend your maintanence plan for another year paying just 30% of the regular price.

coolutilsIs it easy-to-use? Total Excel Converter has a user-friendly interface with lots of tips for beginners. We also offer detailed how-to articles and video tutorials to help you master the program faster. The command line can be generated automatically based on the options you selected in GUI.

coolutilsCan I trust you? Specializing in multimedia conversion software, we pride ourselves in being the experts in conversion utilities since 2003. Many offices and government institutes use Total Excel Converter to process XLS files on a daily basis.

coolutilsHow can I reach you? We love to hear from our customers directly. That's why we do not tell you to read the FAQ pages, we just answer your questions via email, facebook, youtube comments, twitter or phone.

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Buy Total Excel Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Sun, 03 Mar 2019
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