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Excel tables are not always convenient for storing information and further use. Sometimes it is much better to have a TXT version of spreadsheets. There is no standard way to make MS Excel extract text to separate file of another format. However it is possible with the help of separate utilities specialized in XLS conversions. Such program is Total Excel Converter. It extracts text data from the original spreadsheets and converts it to one of the following text formats:

Green PlusTXT

Green PlusDOC

Green PlusRTF

  Green PlusPDF

Green PlusCSV

Green PlusXML

Totally the program supports about twenty formats for conversion, so it practically can transform your Excel files to any type of file – document, image, DB and even HTML pages. If you want to extract text from Excel to the most lightweight document format, then TXT is the best choice. When converting tables to TXT, you will be offered to make a few settings that may help to make TXT copies maximally comfortable for reading and editing. For instance, you can set a specific text delimiter for dividing one value from another. In TXT each row of the original XLS table is one line of text, in which every cell value is separated from others by a delimiter. This Excel text converter allows you to choose Tab, space or any other symbol as delimiter.

Excel Extract Text

This is a batch XLS converter, so you can convert many files at once. In such a way the process becomes very fast, even if you need to convert hundreds of files. Just set delimiter, file name template and destination folder, and get your files converted from Excel to text in a couple of minutes. The settings are optional, so can be used only if you need them. To save your time maximally, just use default settings.

Total Excel Converter is available in free trial version. Get it here to test all its functional on your XLS files.

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Buy Total Excel Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Wed, 10 Nov 2021

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