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We bet that you have never converted Excel to PCL in batch this easy. Total Excel Converter saves you the trouble you must have been dealing with so far. This program has a series of advanced features and a transparent user interface. All that makes the process of converting Excel to PCL a sheer pleasure.

This program is good for both first time users and advanced users. All the work is performed automatically. Actually, what you do is steer the program the right way. Particularly, you choose the target format and the number of Excel files to be converted to PCL.

Batch function helps you convert files in large numbers, which takes as little time for the program as rendering just one file in PCL.

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How to Convert Excel to PCL

You can do it in three different ways: via interface, from the desktop and via command line.

  1. Run the interface and choose the folder, in which your XLS files are contained. Click on the folder and navigate your Excel list. Check one of the files and view the table. All the elements of the table will be intact in the target file.

  2. You can check as many files as you wish to convert to PCL. You can even check all of them with just one click of the 'Check All' button. This is the batch function we mentioned above. If you think it is not time to convert Excel to 'PCL' in batch yet, you can cancel the batch-checking by pressing 'Uncheck All'.

  3. Select 'PCL' in the format menu or use the toolbar. Navigate the wizard and adjust your settings. Click 'Start' to convert.

Convert Excel to PCL

To convert from the desktop, right-click on an Excel file and click 'Convert to'. The interface will be launched. Follow the standard conversion procedure.

Command line option is intended for advanced users.

This Excel PCL converter has two versions – a free trial version and a license version. The trial version is intended for novice users, and it is valid for 30 days. When the trial period expires, you are going to have to register. Registered users have their versions updated automatically and receive free technical support.

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   Updated Sat, 22 Jan 2022

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