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Complete list of supported Excel conversions:

  • XLS to Doc
  • XLS to PDF
  • XLS to HTML
  • XLS to ODT
  • XLS to ODS
  • XLS to TXT
  • XLS to CSV
  • XLS to JPEG
  • XLS to TIFF
  • XLS to XML
  • XLS to SQL
  • XLS to DBF
  • XLS to LaTeX
  • XLS to DIFF
  • XLS to SLYK
  • XLS to Lotus
    Windows Address Book WAB
  • WAB to Doc
  • WAB to PDF
  • WAB to HTML
  • WAB to ODT
  • WAB to ODS
  • WAB to TXT
  • WAB to CSV
  • WAB to JPEG
  • WAB to TIFF
  • WAB to XML
  • WAB to SQL
  • WAB to DBF
  • WAB to LaTeX
  • WAB to DIFF
  • WAB to SLYK
  • WAB to Lotus
  • DBF to Doc
  • DBF to PDF
  • DBF to HTML
  • DBF to ODT
  • DBF to ODS
  • DBF to TXT
  • DBF to CSV
  • DBF to JPEG
  • DBF to TIFF
  • DBF to XML
  • DBF to SQL
  • DBF to DBF
  • DBF to LaTeX
  • DBF to DIFF
  • DBF to SLYK
  • DBF to Lotus
    Lotus WK1
  • WK1 to Doc
  • WK1 to PDF
  • WK1 to HTML
  • WK1 to ODT
  • WK1 to ODS
  • WK1 to TXT
  • WK1 to CSV
  • WK1 to JPEG
  • WK1 to TIFF
  • WK1 to XML
  • WK1 to SQL
  • WK1 to DBF
  • WK1 to LaTeX
  • WK1 to DIFF
  • WK1 to SLYK
  • WK1 to Lotus
    Lotus WK2
  • WK2 to Doc
  • WK2 to PDF
  • WK2 to HTML
  • WK2 to ODT
  • WK2 to ODS
  • WK2 to TXT
  • WK2 to CSV
  • WK2 to JPEG
  • WK2 to TIFF
  • WK2 to XML
  • WK2 to SQL
  • WK2 to DBF
  • WK2 to LaTeX
  • WK2 to DIFF
  • WK2 to SLYK
  • WK2 to Lotus

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Latest News

  • In the updated PDF Combine a new command line parameter is added -IgnoreInvalidSource when any file from the input list does not exist.
  • In the updated Total Doc Converter an export to XHTML format is improved.
  • The updated Total CSV Converter can convert the files with over a million lines.
  • New PDF Combine Pro can create multiple line headers and footers.
  • In the new Total PDF Converter , the conversion from xps\oxps to docx was significantly improved.
  • Online converter now supports Biological Formats spe; nd2; pds; lsm; sif; fpf; vff; nmr; zvi; dm3; isac; afm; ser; mri.

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