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Total WebMail Converter supports a lot of online mail services, and Microsoft Exchange is one of them. With the help of this tool you can convert Exchange emails to EML format. In EML format the message can be imported into any desktop client or stored locally for backup needs. It is also comfortable to share EML attachments online.

Total WebMail Converter has a very simple interface for working with all mailboxes. You can connect a few accounts at once, and the program will show emails from them all similar to MS Outlook or Thunderbird. To get access to your Exchange mails, do the following:

Green PlusGo to the Accounts menu on the top

Green PlusPress "New account"

Green PlusEnter email address and password and press "OK".

Soon you will see your mailbox folder added to a left navigation tab. You can navigate through these folders to find emails you need to export. In order to save Exchange emails as EML files, you need to:

Green PlusGo to "Inbox" or any other mail folder

Green PlusCheck off all the emails that are needed to be converted

Green PlusPress "EML" on the top

Green PlusSpecify the settings you need and click "Start!"

Offered settings allow selecting fields for conversion, create a file name template (for batch converter), edit header and footer. These options will adjust future copies for maximally comfortable use. EML files are not editable, but using the settings wizard of this EML converter you can adapt them for your needs.

It is possible to convert messages one-by-one too. This works when you need to assign different settings to different emails. If some files were attached to original messages, they can be extracted from PST source too. The program is able to export emails to EML together with attached mail history.

You can try Total WebMail Converter for free during 30 days. This will help to see all program's potential in work!

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Buy Total WebMail Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Fri, 05 Mar 2021
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