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Powerful File Renamer

Have you ever wanted a tool that could rename files with just a few clicks? We all have wanted that, especially if we have lots of files on our computers and want to rename them. Renaming files individually is so time consuming and tedious. A batch file renamer is what we need, and that batch renamer is Visual Renamer.

Yes, Visual Renamer is that perfect file renamer. This unique and ideal tool not only renames files but also has several other important features. For example it supports THM, EXIF, and MP3 tags; has several filters to sort out files; has the option of creating your own scripts and adding counters among many more. Let’s take an example.

Suppose you have a large number of documents that you want to rename. After selecting the files that you wish to rename in a batch, Visual Renamer gives you the option of adding elements. This can be done by using the buttons ‘Add Attribute’, ‘Functions’, and ‘Add Special’. ‘Add Attributes’ adds features like path, extension, create date, and so on; and ‘Functions’ such features as upper or lower case, capitalization, insertion and so on. ‘Add Special’ allows the addition of features like text or counter.

Now suppose you have several documents that you are to rename in a batch. How will you differentiate between them? Besides, if you are targeting the documents to set destination files, there is also the possibility of overwriting. To avoid these confusions or mishaps, the best thing to do is to add a counter. From the button ‘Add Special’, select the option ‘Counter’. A dialogue box will pop up, where you can give a name to your counter and set limits – like what number you wish your documents to start with, and how many digits you wish to have your document numbers to have. Suppose you have chosen ‘0’ as the number to start at and ‘3’ as the number of digits. Then your documents will look like this – document001, document002, document003, and so on.

This counter feature is an ideal feature for those of you who have many documents, photos, or movies that need to be put in one destination file. The counter will prevent overwriting, as well as make it easy for you to differentiate between them. Other than this it will also tell you how many documents, photos, movies, etc. there are in each file.

So you see what wonderful features Visual Renamer has? Isn’t it an ideal tool to have?

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