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Software company uses US Homeland Security Threat Alert codes to make finding folders easier.

As strange at it may seem software people like best and use most often are usually small one-task-only applications, not disk-space-hungry gigabyte monsters with hundreds different options. Case in point — Notepad, Calculator, ICQ, Eudora, Mozilla and dozens of other great applications. Chances are, with a bit editors' attention, FolderShine will join their ranks very soon.

FolderShine is a classic one-task utility. That one single task is to replace indistinguishable yellow folders with “personalized” ones. The Video folder has a movie tape icon, the Music folder — an image of CD, the Documents folder has a paper picture and so on. The point is this — when one looks for a certain folder, he or she does not need to search for it because it stands out.

The idea for FolderShine was suggested by the US Homeland Security Threat Alert code system (code Green, code Yellow, Code Orange, etc). Having blue, green, orange and red folders on the desktop is probably the most simple and effective way to sort all files and documents based on their priority, completion or deadline.

As simple and straightforward as this software is, looking at the screenshot really strikes the point of having this simple folder-coding application better than any description that could be possibly written.

FolderShine is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo is available at for evaluation.

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