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What is AEP?

AEP is the short form of ArcExplorer Project, a Windows desktop application developed by ESRI for downloading, viewing, and examining spatial data. This freely available software can be used either as a stand-alone application with local data sets, or as a client for map servers and internet data.

As a stand-alone application, ArcExplorer is an easy to use GIS (geographic information system) data viewer with which you can access data from your hard disk, CD, or other computers connected to your computer. To be more precise, you can locate, identify, and query geographic and attribute data; view and query ESRI shapefiles, SDE (Space Database Engine) layers, and ARC/INFO and PC ARC/INFO coverages; create thematic maps from the attributes in the database; navigate spatial data with pan and zoom tools; and view a large number of image file formats. When used as an internet connected client, you can view and query GIS data published on websites; and download vector data from enabled websites. Once the data is downloaded from the internet, you can disconnect and use it in the stand-alone mode. Switching between the two modes is done by using the tabs in the ArcExplorer Table of Contents.

ArcExplorer has a simple interface. There is a Table of Contents (which has all the different themes and the features of dragging them up and down, and bringing up the dialogues boxes and the menu choices); Menu and Tool Bars (with access to all the different functions of ArcExplorer); a Scale Bar (displays the scales of the map view); Map View (where the map can be viewed and worked on); Overview Map (displays the map with your data and a red box showing the area from the Map View); and the Status Bar (with the help messages on the left and the active theme on the right).

ArcExplorer has two versions the Windows version, and the Java version. The Java version has support for all platforms, including Windows, UNIX, and Linux. AEP files can be easily converted to TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG by Total GIS Converter.

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Total GIS Converter supports the following conversions with AEP files:
  • AEP to TIFF
  • AEP to JPEG
  • AEP to BMP
  • AEP to PNG
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