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What is AMR?

AMR stands for Adaptive Multi Rate. AMR is a common audio format for various mobile devices such as cell phones and even VoIP kind of applications. In 1998 it became the standard speech codec. File extension is .amr.

There are two types of AMR format: NarrowBand (AMR-NB) and WideBand (AMR-WB). Often AMR refers to AMR-NB. Sampling frequency 8 kHz/13-bit (160 samples for 20 ms frames), filtered to 200-3400 Hz.

Compared to WAV AMR files are much smaller in size but are of good quality. AMR is well supported by most of modern mobile telephone handsets.

AMR files can be converted to MP3, WAV, WMA or other formats for better compatibility with other audio players. Total Audio Converter supports AMR as well as over 20 other audio formats.

Audio converter
  • AMR to AAC, WMA, WAV, MP3
  • AMR to iPod, iPhone, iPad
  • AMR to any cell phone
convert audio
Total Audio Converter supports the following conversions with AMR format files:
  • MP3 to AMR
  • WMA to AMR
  • WAV to AMR
  • OGG to AMR
  • RA to AMR
  • CDA to AMR
  • FLAC to AMR
  • APE to AMR
  • APL to AMR
  • AAC to AMR
  • MPC to AMR
  • MPP to AMR
  • MP4 to AMR
  • OFR to AMR
  • SPX to AMR
  • TTA to AMR
  • WV to AMR
  • MOD to AMR
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