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What is AVS?

AVS, an acronym for Application Visualization System, is a high quality digital video format developed and maintained by Application Visualization System Inc. Based on the DVI (Digital Video Interactive) technology, it is mainly used as a post-production tool to edit and process video files.

The AVS file is a binary file. It consists of two four-byte integers containing the x and y size of an image, followed by four byte tuples (representing alpha, red, green, and blue) with data for each of the pixel of an image. This AVS file is generally stored in the data subdirectory of an install directory.

The purpose of an AVS file is to automate functions like cutting and resizing, adjusting brightness, and audio dubbing of video clips without requiring temporary files. This allows users to control downstream module behavior and generate a flipbook style of animation. What enables a precise and accurate result is the fact that AVS uses an AvySynth script, which is a non-linear script. Unlike linear scripts, which use a tape-to-tape kind of editing, non-linear scripts have a very flexible digitalized editing process.

The AVS file is mainly used by the video game industry as it produces life-like graphics. It is also used by Winamp as part of its Advanced Visualization Studio, enabling users to select from over a 100 pre-set visualizations to enjoy while listening to music.

AVS files can be opened on both Windows and Mac OS using any video player with an AviSynth plugin. If you want to convert AVS to another video format use Total Movie Converter. It converts AVS to MPEG, AVI, WMV without hassle. You will love its simplicity. Grab your free evaluation copy now to try it out.

video converter
  • Convert AVS video to and from MPEG, FLV, AVI, WMV
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Total Movie Converter supports the following conversions with AVS format files:
  • AVS to AVI
  • AVS to MPEG
  • AVS to WMV
  • AVS to FLI
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